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November 2016



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DWTS Showstoppers: Sad Goodbye to Joy & Presence of Marilu & Derek!

HECTOR SAYS: The combined love of Marilu & Derek for DWTS is awesome and contagious! And what a joy to have Marilu Henner's glowing humor and humanity on the show. She has that Henner inner charisma.She draws us into her kindness and beauty inside and out. What a great 64 year old dancing lady! Derek himself says he's never seen such a great fan and lover of DWTS. Nor have we seen such a Hough admirer! Her emotion is so true and "her heart is so pure so beautiful" says Derek of Marilu. Such a statement seems true of himself as well. Besides being undoubtedly the most talented Pro on DWTS (and its biggest ratings attraction), and a pure heart, Hough loves this show! DWTS helped him launch a great musical show career on Broadway, TV and movies. He's grateful.Tit for tat. I was moved at the way Hough took it upon himself to shame the Ryan Lochte protesters off the show!  If this dance avatar loves and trusts DWTS, I can brush aside persistent doubts about the show's propensity for manipulation and favoritism. I chose to highlight Derek and Marilu's great Samba on Showstoppers Night, because they finally did a thorougly show-worthy dance! Also, because this would be the last we saw of Marilu, and most probably, Derek's last ever performance on DWTS! He has bigger opportunities that will keep him busy for a long time! His final DWTS dance with Marilu, was full of Samba content and sizzling charm, as well as Derek can, He's the Master of Mostly Everything, but especially of difficult and complex Samba mystique and steps. Marilu and he not only did everything right; the voltas, buotafocos,the sway, the graceful in and outs; the sexy shake your booty, the bouncy ups and downs. All the while sliding swiftly across the entire ballroom. This time,(We suspected they would be eliminated) they got it all right, not a flaw. Even better, they had  well connected FUN! On the 9th week, Marilu finally lived up to her full potential. plus she let her hair down and fully enjoyed the sparkling Samba! To top it off, they danced to "What a Night!", by Mark Ballas and the Jersey Boys (aka The Four Seasons), who has been away from DWTS on Broadway, starring as Frankie Valli. As Marilu & Derek finished the couple's Samba, Derek ran to the stage to embrace his beloved foster bro. Aww! This couple's first dance out packed an  emotional  wallop for me, from package to finish! Way to GO, Marilu & Derek! And go they went. Au revoir.

To see Marilu Henner & Derek Hough's Samba click here: http://www.mjsbigblog.com/marilu-derek-samba-mark-ballas-week-9-dwts-23-video/

Pat Halford, My sassy collaborator, Tennesee housewife. She's back!

PAT SAYS: (About Marilu & Derek) Great to see Mark Ballas back in the Ballroom again, even if its not dancing! He was the featured singer for Derek & Marilu's Samba! It's all in the family!  in the Ballroom again, even if its not dancing! Wish I could head to New York to see him do Jersey Boys on Broadway! He sings, he's a musician, he's a prodigy! Marilu just went out and danced her heart out! 'Im sure Derek probably told her that their number would be up this week. In her last chance, she finally was carefree and enjoying herself doing the Samba!  She had plenty of Samba content and performed it well. Too bad she didn't perform this way from the beginning of her Journey! Would it have mattered, had she done better throughout? I doubt it! Not with the agenda planned by the reality enhancing production team! But I must say, Marilu and Derek went out in style, by doing an artsy, complex Samba! Great job, Marilu.
Scores  Judges:  36/40     Pat:  36/40    B+     Hector:  38/40  A-

Pat's DWTS Grievances

Pat just came back from a trip to Texas. The Lone Star state seems to have inspired her with rebellious passion. She vents and urburdens her suspicions of  DWTS shenanigans. Here's her opinion:

After watching this show from Season 1, I'd like to believe I know how it really works, behind the scenes. I knew this week would be one of over-scoring certain couples and underscoring others in order to meet TPTB agenda. I was right! This show is so transparent! They are not too subtle disguising it! After last weeks performances by James, Calvin, Laurie and Jana (TPTB preferred celebs) I knew this week would bring a change in scoring, not necessarily tied in with their dance quality. Last week James performance put him a solid 5 points ahead (cumulative score) of medalist Olympian Laurie Hernandez. She's the show's chosen MBT winner,That meant this week had to be "redemption week"for Laurie.Another perceived agenda is to get Jana into the finale over Terra and Marilu. Marilu gets negative packages in order to affect the votes (reminiscent of Nastia).Terra's descent is achieved by underscoring by the Judges, while Jana is over-scored. That's the plan. I see Jana as the Ginger Zee of last season. Hype, hype, hype, got her into the finale, and then they then let the chips fall where they may!  I predicted Marilu would be eliminated this week. Im sure Terra will be eliminated next week unless she happen to get more votes than Jana, which  would not surprise me. However, the production push is for Jana, although I see Terra as definitely more deserving. Terra's performances overall have been better than Jana's. Terra has shown more growh. Some may call me jaded for my conspiracy theories. I call it like I see it! The fact that I see favoritism and manipulation by production and the Judges, does not mean i don't enjoy the show, overall. I do enjoy the dancing in it,and the participants' personalities and colorful journeys. But I can't help but see machinations by production to conform the competition to predisposed results at the expense of fairness. I find this annoying, and would prefer production to be fair to everyone. Why not just let things fall where they may to have an honest competition, a true Reality Show?

HECTOR SAYS: Bravo, Pat! I appreciate your candor and honesty. You say it like it is! Or the way you perceive it. Yes, it's an opinion based on circunstantial evidence. We can't really prove that the Judges get orders from Production as to how they score. It may work by their perceived intuition as to what Production wants.It is true that we've seen the rehearsal package affect the Star's standing ith the voters. But, I didn't really see,to point out one difference in opinion, Marilu and Derek's package affecting their reputation negatively.. I thought it was all positive! I do agree that the show has favorites who they "enhance" or hype to push them ahead. They use many means to achieve this. But not all the time. Some things just happen, and they allow them, even jump on it.Stars sometimes give off negativity all on their own, by their attitude. And there are many true surprises, Like frigging Hinchcliffe. Everything about him is a surprise! I don't think Production had any idea he would be a dancing, walking, breathing showstopper1 James Hinchcliffe is his own Hype Machine, He doesn't need any "enhancing".. Maybe Laurie does. I do think a little help, by reinforcing the choreography with another Pro's help,for example,  is valid. I do agree they thought Laurie would be the winner. Didn't we all? Thus their preferred Pro of the Moment, Val Chmerkovskiy, got her! Back to my friend Pat's views, I think you're right Pat! Yet as you said, DWTS has always tried to influence the show. Not because they want to be unfair, they jusst want to have a more popular show. Raise the ratings! And WOW, have they've been successful! For over TEN years! Their thinking must be: If it's working, why change the formula? Intervention can be VERY annoying. Unfairness is wrong! BUT, the show's the thing! it's still one of my favorite shows, eminently watchable. I think the one most important factor is casting, And Ms. Deena Katz seems to be a genius in what her team does!. S23 is on a roll, one great hit after another! So many good Star contenders this Season, not one lousy celebrity!


Wk 9 intro

I agree hector - I vent with unbridled passion and sometimes blind to the reality of the facts and that's where you come in - my voice of reason 😏 And most definitely kudos to deena for casting - it's always an interesting bunch. I don't think James is being pushed or manipulated by tptb in fact I think he threw a wrench into their plans and my what a wrench it is!! I do believe they are pushing Val to be "the pro" but I don't think that it's happening even with being given a gold medalist like with maks! It will be interesting to see the outcome of this one. Imo, hinch should win it all because he is the overall better dancer but how many times have we seen the lesser dancer win. Also so glad sharna is back with hinch!! Many people didn't like Jenna with hinch. The funny thing is pretty much everyone said the same thing about her: good dancer, but too aggressive and camera hungry!! Can't wait to read the rest!! Job well done my friend!