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November 2016



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In a Tough Competetive Night, Hinchcliffe Reigns Supreme! Terra & Sharna Go in Style!

What a Night of Semifinals! They all did perfect dance performances, but the Judges managed to see some flaw to push the ones Production wanted to "enhance". Watch who goes last. It's the favored one and it was Laurie & Val. The Hinch went first, and one would think the SHOW wanted him to slip, but NO HE DIDN'T! Hinch & Sharna razzle-dazzled in a stellar Argentine Tango performance, and tripled the dazzle in the most frigging,swaggering, sexiest, syncopated Jive Trio ever seen on DWTS! Sharna Burgess, was at her most creative. What a dancer, teacher and inventive choreographer! She cooked up a fascinating idea (or two) to raise the ante: The Blindfold Tango! And a spectacular ending! Hinch blindfolds Sharna at the Tango beginning. It's meant to shift total responsibility and control to the dominating male, the HINCH! Sharna must trust James to guide her. It adds suspense, danger, interest to the Tango. The music is genuine hot Argentine, the same Gotan Project music JLo & Richard Gere danced to in the film "Shall we Dance". When will this show realize that Tango loses it's allure and sensuality with any other music but THE ONE! They were one with the music, all the right moves,swift enganche, gliding barridas, exquisite ochos, exciting voleo, elegant promenade with great frame ad posture, Then there was The Tango Chair, a commonly used prop, but wait, this time it gave life to the most beautiful sexy formations, and OMG it was the scene of The Piece de Resistance: Sharna curves back sexily over the chair, and The Great Hinch  does a handstand on top of Sharna, Ahhh! Perfectly poised, like a diving champion.Never ever seen-the audience GASPED! So did I. What delight! At last, a suave, smooth, sophisticated Argentine Tango! Julianne said it just right: "the Tango we have seen a lot this season has been hard and aggressive, but this is what an Argentine Tango is. It’s controlled and sexy and has dynamic and passion." Bruno praised it as well: That was an Argentine Grand Prix! What is amazing is the trust between the partners, you were totally on top of it and you never missed a nuance in the music, everything was spot on." Carrie Ann, oh my, she's TPTB agent! What she says is what the Production wants! She reprimanded Hinch for his (non-existent) WOBBLES!  Two 10's and one 9-guess who? Carrie Ann saves her 10's for Jana and Laurie! But the voters knew this not "hard and agressive Tango", but "controlled, sexy and passionate", was the MBT deserving one.. They will vote accordingly to compensate Hinch!
To see James & Sharna's Argentine tango, click here:
Style: Argentine Tango       "Santa Maria (del Buen Ayre)"- Gotan Project
Now normally, I would follow my recap about Hinch's magnificent Argentine Tango, with my collaborator's ( Pat Halford) take on it. HOWEVER, Pat  is still heated up about the show's intrusive manipulation after her EPIPHANY last week about the show's intrusive manipulation and effort to influence the vote. Usually she doesn't send any introduction. Here's her latest, which I have  titled:

A  DWTS loving FAN's earnest PLEA, in respectful desperationI by Pat Halford

DEJA VU! Again we see another great dancer leave, instead of one that TPTB pushed, at another  semi finals of another season of DWTS.  Terra was eliminated. An inspiring "Little Giant", in order to accommodate TPTB agenda to get Jana and Gleb into the finale.  Overall, from week one till now, Terra was/is the better dancer over Jana. Carrie Ann was atrociously WRONG when she said that Jana had shown the most growth from the beginning. Of the 5 left, Jana and Laurie are the two who have shown the least growth. They're on the same track, the same style. Terra, Calvin and James have shown much more,off the charts, progress! How many more seasons will we watch TPTB manipulate the show before we throw in the towel? Its getting so OBVIOUS that we know what the agenda is before the season even begins. Right off the cast announcement we see the camera lingering on THE CHOSEN ONES! Bring back the seasons of old where everything played out week to week and there was less obvious manipulation! We all  enjoyed the dancing celebrities unplugged. We truly thought it was a competition and not a manipulated outcome.  We know that Olympian medalist Laurie is "the chosen one" this season. What fun we have when James and Calvin threw wrenches into that scenario! We have seen low balling on the scores for these two and imagined or exaggerated errors in their performances. I am tired of the obvious manipulation. Will I stop watching? No, and there lies the agoony and the ecstasy! .I watch, annoyed and discontent about the injustice. I love the dancing and the journeys of the celebs, when they are honestly presented without hype. By hype and manipulation, I mean  negative packages, overly sappy and sympathy-inducing packages, creating disingenious hype pushing one particular Pro (that we know they want to promote). The DWTS Casting Team has  done exceptionallly well their job of casting the celebs. Please ROB WADE, let the chips fall where they may. Let the drama and manipulation out of it. LET IT BE! May the BEST DANCER win, without attempts to influence the vote!  While I am on my soapbox, I think  Len needs to be !00% here or ALL OUT. A 4th judge is not needed, if Len wouldn't be leaving so often! It's inconsistent judging, very disorienting and disrespectful to the audience.  Also, in my opinion, if Len is here permanently, it's time for Carrie Ann Inaba  to go! If Len cannot commit to the ENTIRE season, then Carrie Ann should e dropped and substituted with someone with Ballroom credentials, someone like Shirley Ballas. RE the four finalists chosen tonight, Hinch, Calvin, Laurie and Jana,, I fervently hope that ROB WADE and company let the finale play out without further manipulation and favoritism. In my opinion, the OBVIOUS POPULAR FAVORITE, also mine, should be allowed to win without Production meddling. James Hinchcliffe  should win the MBT!  I am certain James is killing it in the votes, even though TPTB have made sure that Laurie is unfairly scored ahead of James by 3 points. . James Hinchcliffe  should win the MBT! On to the dances.

PAT SAYS: James & Sharna's Argentine Tango was simply AMAZING! When I first heard that Sharna was dancing with a blindfold, I immediately thought it would be similar to last season's blindfolded Nyle & Peta's Tango. Was I ever wrong, For one, it was the Pro, not the Star who wore the blindfold this time. The point this time  was to emphasize James expert control throughout and how masterfully he led Sharna. Also to point out what total trust Sharna can have in James that he would have him lead the dance on the Semifinals! Usually, the Pro wants to be totally alert to her apprentice's dance, in order to minimize flaws. Also, Sharna danced the entire Tango blindfolded, not just a part, like Nyle did on S22. Their perfect connection with each other guided them through every twist, kick and turn.  This is the first Argentine tango of the season that was not "harsh", like Julianne attested. It was evenly tempered with sharp yet slow and easy sexy and sultry movement. What a proper Argentine Tango, full of authentic content and exquisite style! I found the spectacular ending FREAKIN AMAZING! Sharna did a beautiful back bend over the chair while James did a stylish handstand over her! Unique on DWTS, and what a risk, to let the rookie dancing Star do a handstand! Remember, Hinch is not an Olympian gymnast, yet he surpassed all expectations and did it all with amazing grace, soft and sexy control and assuredness! Shame on Carrie Ann to find an imagined error in James' Argentne Tango, a WOBBLE the other Judges, nor anyone saw! An obvious Inaba disingenious maneuver to support the production  agenda to give Laurie a higher score! SCORES:  Judges:  29/30   Pat:  30/30   A+    Hector: 30/30  A+

Sharna & Wade Hit Gold

2. Miracle on DWTS: Hinch Becomes a Beloved American Dance Idol!

James Hinchcliffe, Sharna Burgess, Jenna Johnson Trio  Style: Jive

Style: Jive           "Gimme Some Lovin'"—The Spencer Davis Group

To see the Hinchciffe, Sharna, Jenna Trio Jive, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOqyp4H9QJU&t=4s

HECTOR SAYS; Sometimes ,not always, DWTS creates an American Dance Idol, and it's happened with THE HINCH! it's not only about his unexpected great talent for dancing, but his poignant ability to reach our hearts. A small and skinny not that impressive guy, but maybe because of it , our esteem and admiration is even bigger! What dogged determination, what true grit, but wih a humble human quality which charms us to death. Like Bindi Irwin, he's one of the great popular Dance Heroes this show has produced. We can feel the love he has developed for dancing in the way his face goes into euphoric passion as he makes his kicks and flicks to the perfect Jive beat. The big love of his life, his shiny racing car is there in the Ballroom, and two beautiful dancers, Sharna and Jenna are drooling over him. His fiancee and parents are watching proudly, all of America is loving him. He just came back to life from near death. Hinch has discovered a brand new, fantastic way to celebrate life In dancing. We can see in his perfect syncopation with these awesome Pro dancers not only how he's enjoying this Jive to the hilt, but how he enjoys the new power he has as a swaggering COOL man Jiver. James has found a new way to conquer the world which he never imagined possible! The Dance World and the whole US and Canada is just as delighted to have found a new Dancing Mega StarMan and Personality as big as Hugh Jackman. A rare DWTS miracle! Can Carrie Ann and the DWTS producers be as stupid as to waste it all by hyping Laurie Hernandez?

PAT SAYS: The Hinchcliffe Trio, Sharna, James and Jenna, had a big, resounding, HOT,  Jive success! A second show-stopping performance by James.  He really should be on Broadway when he puts away his racing car in the Hinchcliffe Hall of Fame All three were totally in sync, and James  was the undoubted STAR of the show, the center of attraction!.  His jump over his car and his energetic KICKS were amazing! I felt like I was watching a dazzling New Year's Eve celebration, led by Cool Jiving James! James Hinchcliffe is a DWTS Miracle,a great popular favorite! Came out of nowhere and dazzled. James has shown he can follow, he can meld in and most of all he can LEAD! Best Trio! SCORES Judges:  30/30     Pat 30/30   A+   Hector: 30/30   A+

3. A Rumba That Lovely Flowed from Two Beauiful Hearts

Terra Jole & Sasha Farber
Style: Rumba     "Scars to Your Beautiful - Alessia Cara

To see Terra & Sasha's Rumba, click here:

HECTOR SAYS; Terra & Sasha's Beautiful Rumba had it all: content, meaning,scrupulous technique and Dance of Love performance passion. It started out with a bit of Contemporary fusion. Following the song's rejection theme, Terra is rejected by  strolling dancers. With poignancy and emotion Terra reacts in despair, in a true chracterization which points to Terra's own rejection stories. Most of all, this Rumba was successful by it's powerful emotion. Look at the photos above, they capture the intense beauty of movement, in both dancers. What nobility in dancing and soul these two dancers have! Terra's dignity is awesome, her will and determination to rise over her limitations and express herself ably in dance is inspiring. She had the good fortune of meeting a partner that has excelled in every respect on S23, more than EVER! Sasha Farber has grown to be a giant in stature for his dancing, teaching and awesome tender HUMAN kindness! Can't believe Terra's hip shaking action for the Rumba, right of the bat,as if  to shake away the rejection. It was a amazing shaking in several axial directions, impressively professional, and so darling for Rumba! The reason for the beauty you see in the pics above is a meticulous constant fluidity, sensuality and rhythm, very soulful, following the music, not by numbers, as well befits a proper slow-fast sexy Rumba. In no way did I feel this Rumba as modified in excellence for Little People. It just flowed from the heart, providing beautiful, inspiring Rumba lines and feeling, like a brush flowing in artistry throughout a canvas. Again, I was in tears at the end of this Rumba. I felt like embracing them both! I thank Terra & Sasha  for a great emotional dance delight. RRRRRumba Magic!

PAT SAYS: Rumba,the Dance of Love. Could two good friends express it in dance? Didn't know what to expect from Terra and Sasha. I felt a bit wary. Well, I had nothing to worry about!  I was so pleasantly surprised! Terra Jole worked those hips like it was a walk in the park (what a walk!) . She and Sasha Farber glided on the floor and you could feel her (and his) emotions. A very sensual Rumba, full of continuous fluidity and beauty. Terra has the ability to draw you in and make you feel like you are out there with her and that this is your story as well.And Sasha reacts like the most tender dance companion! Terra's connection with Sasha is something wonderful to behold. Another job well done Terra. You should've been in that finale! SCORES   Judges:  30/30     Pat:  30/30     A+   Hector:   30/30    A+

4. Two Perfect Dancing Guys, Crazy in Love for Terrific Terra!

Terra Jole, Sasha Farber & Artem Cigvinset Trio
Style: Tango  

To see Terra, Sasha & Artem's Tango Trio click here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qna_-Q1BdUI

HECTOR SAYS; What a stylish Tango Trio! Most likely both Sasha and Artem collaborated in a masterful choreography that, like Bruno said at the end, had both men framing Terra in splendid, complementary and complimentary fashion. The music was not Argentinian, but for a positive change, matched the Tango well. Both the content, meaning and feeling of Tango were well represented. The clipped, precise, pizzicato moves were matched  by the three dancers  like a Bach fugue. Not a note or a chord out of place, nothing superfluous, just the moves precisely needed to form a harmonious exquisite whole. The little Tango story was fun and delicious. Terra acted it out like a consummate femme fatale, making it totally believable that these two wiry, handsome, dapper, sophisticated, infinitely graceful men were totally mad about her! Loved the Terra trenchcoated beginning, didn't love her sequined  evening gown. Something stark better, red or white, and chic, like an Erin Andrews gown, maybe? BUT-absolutely loved the guys identical and minimal black t-shirted  silhuoette, with the little over the eyes hat. Rakish, dashing, male dance chic, a la Gene Kelly, Bob Fosse, or Bojangles. LOVED the boys exact sync, or harmonious interplay. dancing all around her, like two sides of a parenthesis. Sooo classy, what a total delight this Trio was! All the parts flowing together, Terra, Sasha, Artem, to make a mesmerizing, artistic whole. Bravo to all three! Hats off, this was "putting on the Ritz", a thirties Tango. A perfect divertimento. Fred Astaire would approve!

I loved Terra, Sasha and Artem's package, with the Three's Company music and playful silliness. Like the 3 guy bycicle, and the balloons pulling Terra up! It had me laughing out loud!. In her Tango, Terra came out large and in charge. Bigger than life! She controlled Sasha and Artem throughout the whole dance.  She was definitely the star of that show, the female male attraction in between two sexy males.Terra was sharp and sexy, too! Her footwook when she was  in hold with the boys, was amazing!  She didn't miss a beat.  I loved the end when she snapped her fingers, and the boys fell to the floor.  Her facial expressions were spot on! Terra makes good characterization, and her Tango with the guys was very nuanced, technically proficient and well integrated. Terra,you DESERVED to be in that finale, but alas! You and Sasha were the sacrificial lambs for Jana and Gleb; like Wanya and Lindsay were to Ginger and Val last year! TPTB shameless agenda! SCORES Judges:  30/30     Pat:  30/30    A+
Hector: 30/30   A+.


That's all for Tonight folks! Semifinals Part 1, Watch for Saturday's Part 2, with the dances for Jana, Calvin and Laurie! Tellus who your favorite is.  Pat Halford @pahgah or   Hector Sola @archihector. Or comment down below.


Semis part 1

If u didn't get a chance to watch the semi finals, all you have to do is read the blog. I fear I have become to preachy about things that I know will not change, however, I had to get it off my chest and I can move on unless, of course, I have a meltdown during the finale 😂 Counting down til saturday when I can read the rest of the blog!! Until then my friend another blog well done 😉💃🏻